Winning the Game

Chess applied to the real-world … fantastic dialogue and actors

Life of a Film Addict

Season one of The Wire has one central piece of dialogue that runs throughout the season. “The game,” in one form or another, is mentioned in eleven of the first thirteen episodes of the series. The idea of the game emerges as a representation of “business as usual.” At one point or another, each of The Wire’s main characters must decide how they are going to participate in the game. As the season progresses, the game begins to work in place of the American Dream. Instead of endeavoring to achieve a house, a car, and 2.4 children, these characters want to master the game.

This scene from the season one episode “The Buys” helps illustrate this point:

D’Angelo Barksdale: If you catch the other dude’s king and trap it, then you win.

Preston ‘Bodie’ Broadus: A’ight, but if I make it to the end, I’m top dog.

D’Angelo Barksdale:…

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