Best Of Physics

Here you can find a selection of my most popular posts in the category physics. Enjoy!

  • Physical Quantities:

Length – From Electrons to Galaxies

What is Mass?

  • Mechanics:

Acceleration – A Short and Simple Explanation

Motion With Constant Acceleration (Examples, Exercises, Solutions)

Free Fall and Terminal Velocity

How To Calculate Maximum Car Speed + Examples

A Tunnel Through Earth and a Surprising Result

What is Torque? – A Short and Simple Explanation

  • Thermodynamics:

Physics (And The Formula That Got Me Hooked)

  • Acoustics:

Decibel – A Short And Simple Explanation

Intensity: How Much Power Will Burst Your Eardrums?

Overtones – What They Are And How To Compute Them

The Doppler Effect in Pictures

  • Astronomy & Modern Physics:

Earth’s Magnetic Field

The Jeans Mass, or: How are stars born?

Stellar Physics – Gaps in the Spectrum

Einstein’s Special Relativity – The Core Idea


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