Smoking – Your (My) Chances of Dying Early from it

I admit that I smoke. And my first attempt to quit after 13 years of a pack a day only lasted one month. Here’s what convinced me to try:

  • 50 % of smokers will die early due to their habit (Source: WHO)
  • On average smokers die 10 years earlier (Source: CDC)
  • Every year about 6 million people die from smoking related diseases, that is more than one Jumbo Jet full of people every hour (Source: WHO)

Most sensible people wouldn’t play Russian Roulette, but some take even higher chances at early death with smoking.


The good news: If you start smoking in your teens, and quit at …

  • … the age of 30, you get all of the 10 years back; the damage done is almost completely reversible
  • … the age of 40, you get 9 of the 10 years back; the damage done is reversible for the most part
  • … the age of 50, you get 6 of the 10 years back; some of the damages are still reversible
  • … the age of 60, you get 3 of the 10 years back; most damages will remain, but life quality will improve

Since I just hit 30, I’ll be sure to give it another try once my vacation is over. Having too much time is a very bad idea if you want to quit, better do it when you’re busy.