Experimental Psychology

New Kindle release: Curiosities of the Mind (Psychology)

After about six months of work and fun, my new Kindle book is finally ready and … surprise, it’s not math! This time we’ll be delving deep into the ultimate scientific challenge: the mind. Here’s the blurb and the Table of Contents:


Over the past centuries, science has successfully unlocked many secrets of the universe. We understand atoms and molecules, cells and organs, stars and galaxies and have managed to use this newly-found knowledge to build fantastic machines that can bring us from A to B at mind-blowing speeds and cutting-edge medication that can alleviate pain almost instantly. Yet, the grandest secret the universe has to offer remains a perplexing mystery: the mind.

Despite the incredible scientific progress, we still find ourselves wondering what it is, where it is and how it works. This book cannot hope to give you a full answer, but it will provide you with fascinating hints on the workings of this mysterious machine by discussing the strange curiosities manifested in it. You will get to know the most common psychological effects and biases, learn about illuminating experiments from the field of social psychology and find out a lot about yourself and the people around you in the process. For a detailed table of contents, check out the Look Inside feature.

Table of Contents:

– Placebo Effect
A Little White Lie
Experimental Evidence
Don’t Forget Your Lucky Charm
Poor Little Albert

– Chameleon Effect
Just A Harmless Fly
Now 10 % More Likable
It’s All About Empathy

– Childhood Amnesia
A Fundamental Part Of Being Human
The Nature Of Early Memories
Parents, Culture And Gender
The Self And Autobiographical Memories

– IKEA Effect
Labor Leads To Love
Cognitive Dissonances
High Expectations versus Low Rewards
Self-Perception Theory
Of Origami Frogs and Men

– False Consensus Effect
Bungee Jumping Enthusiasts Are Biased
What Would You Do?
A Powerful Defense Mechanism
Friends – A Biased Sample Of Mankind

– Actor – Observer Bias
Everybody’s To Blame Except You
Fidel Castro’s Army Of Students
A Matter Of Culture And Vision
Let’s Talk Later

– Dunning-Kruger Effect
Unskilled And Unaware
Learn To Be Better
Statistical Artifacts And Task Difficulty

– Music and the Mozart Effect
Tones and Overtones
Music And Your Mind
Say No to Marketers

– Appendix
Mean and Standard Deviation
Regression to the Mean

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