New Release: Audio Effects, Mixing and Mastering (Kindle)

This book is a quick guide to effects, mixing and mastering for beginners using Cubase as its platform. The first chapter highlights the most commonly used effects in audio production such as compressors, limiters, equalizers, reverb, delay, gates and others. You will learn about how they work, when to apply them, the story behind the parameters and what traps you might encounter. The chapter also contains a quick peek into automation and what it can do.

In the second chapter we focus on what constitutes a good mix and how to achieve it using a clear and comprehensible strategy. This is followed by a look at the mastering chain that will help to polish and push a mix. The guide is sprinkled with helpful tips and background information to make the learning experience more vivid. You get all of this for a fair price of $ 3.95.


Table Of Contents:

1. Audio Effects And Automation
1.1. Compressors
1.2. Limiters
1.3. Equalizers
1.4. Reverb and Delay
1.5. Gates
1.6. Chorus
1.7. Other Effects
1.8. Automation

2. Mixing
2.1. The Big Picture
2.2. Mixing Strategy
2.3. Separating Tracks

3. Mastering
3.1. Basic Idea
3.2. Mastering Strategy
3.3. Mid/Side Processing
3.4. Don’t Give Up

4. Appendix
4.1. Calculating Frequencies
4.2. Decibel
4.3. Copyright and Disclaimer
4.4. Request to the Reader

Dota 2 Statistics

I analyzed 24 Dota Games with and a total of 209 players and lengths ranging from 6 to 39 minutes to deduce the distribution of Gold per Minute (GPM) and Experience per Minute (XPM) players manage to achieve in the game. The data is taken from and processed using Origin Pro.


Gold per Minute:

  • Average: 270 GPM
  • Ranged between 75 and 712 GPM
  • 5 % (1 in 20) cracked 500 GPM mark




Experience per Minute:

  • Average: 311 XPM
  • Ranged between 9 and 712 XPM
  • 4 % (1 in 25) cracked 600 XPM mark